Creating an Income With Pinterest (No Blog Required)

I have scoured the internet in search of ways to make an income from home. If it’s on the web saying you can make money doing it, trust me when I tell you, I have tried it. Most resulting in an epic failure.


I came across a blog post stating that you could make an income with Pinterest and affiliate links and it really got my brain working.

First, it was unlike any other side hustle I had come across. It seemed legit and easy enough.

I decided to go all out and give it a try. I was already a member of a few affiliate programs and decided to give this method a go.

I started creating my affiliate pins, created a system, schedule, and tactic for success and went to work.

It’s been three months since embarking on this new venture. I bet you are wondering what the results have been like?


Well, I am making a steady income. Believe it or not, I have mastered a method to success with this venture and it’s really paying off. Now, I can’t quit my day job yet, but if the trends continue, that option is in my near future.

I have created a free guide for anyone that wants to see what this is all about and how to get off the ground running with a real income from home.

Check it out here:

There are quite a few posts regarding Pinterest to really get you started and don’t forget to download your free guide to Pinterest Profile Perfection while you’re there.

Do you have a new blog? Need some help getting started and sticking to your deadlines? Check out my blog post about staying on task and creating a killer blog schedule!


Don’t forget to leave a comment down below. Have you tried Pinterest Affiliate Marketing and had it worked for you?

Do you have a new blog and need help? What are your biggest struggles with your new blog. Leave a comment down below so we can chat! Thanks for stopping by!



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