The sun begins to fade as I sit, afraid of my own thoughts. “Will I ever see him again? What have I done?” 

When they approached me, I knew without a doubt what the subject of this intense interrogation was going to be. I had replayed this very instance over and over again in my head in the weeks leading up to this moment. No amount of replay and preparation could prepare me for what was to come. I was weak. I was in love.

When I met him, there was an undeniable connection. Instant. The smell of his skin ignited a tingling feeling under my skin that I hadn’t felt since my teenage years. A sensation I never thought I could feel again. The first two hour conversation we had, ended in a passionate kiss that made me invision a room with the door closed. I had no idea what lurked under the surface of this man I was falling for. The secrets so deep, they punctured the very soul. 

This is an excerpt from a short story I am writing! I want to know your thoughts! Does it provoke an emotion and if so, what emotion? Does it leave you wanting to know more? Please comment below! Thank you in advance!


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