Stand Together For the RIGHT to Know

Women have been left in the dark for years regarding the ingredients in their sanitary products.

These products are being used and placed inside our bodies, in areas that may one day contain life. We house our children here.

We worry about the things we eat and put into our bodies. We read the ingredients of the food we buy, the food we feed our children. We are cautious and caring. We protect ourselves. So why do we not ask questions about the ingredients in the tampons we place inside our bodies next to to the capsule we house our babies? Why are there no practices or laws set in place to protect this precious aspect of womanhood?

Did you know that the average woman uses anywhere from 10,000 to 16,000 tampons in a lifetime? Women have been using this form of absorption since ancient Rome. Leaves and grass and even ferns have been used to absorb a woman’s period. This is not a new thing ladies! So why is it taking us so long to stand up for our right to know?  The FDA does not require manufacturers to list the ingredients in their products because it’s actually considered a medical device. In different studies conducted over the years, many harmful ingredients have been discovered in our tampons. They are made with blends of cotton and rayon and many other synthetic materials. Chloroform and styrene have been found in some of the top selling brands! Styrene is actually classified as a carcinogen! This harmful chemical is known to cause neurological effects after repeated exposure. So every time you place a tampon, this risk increases.

In 1980 there were around 900 cases of TSS reported and this is linked to the ingredients found in our tampons. This scares the crap out of me to be honest. I didn’t wear tampons throughout my entire teenage existence because of this.

Enough is enough. We need to speak up. We need to demand something better. We need to demand better alternatives and the right to know.

Finally, Grace Meng, has introduced the Menstral Products Right to Know Act!

Thankfully, Generation Good and and Women’s Voices for Earth have teamed up to stand up for women’s right to know! They want to help spread the word and force these manufacturers to properly label the ingredients in the products we use. Finally, a voice. Finally, a stand! Every woman needs to be aware and help this push through. If we stand together and demand to know, we are unstoppable. So join us in “Standing up For Accurate Labeling”. Get the word out. Change is about to happen and we have a front row seat. Share this post or write your own. Either way, we will accomplish this goal. #comeclean #standUpForAccurateLabeling


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