What on Earth is GeoCaching?

My son comes storming into my bedroom at 6:30 in the evening wanting me to go with him to find this geocache. Say what? What the hell is a geocache?

Apparently, people with a bigger sense of adventure then I, decided to hide these little capsules all over the damn place and then share their coordinates with everyone on the internet. The purpose is to fill it with something for the next person to find. If you take what’s in it, then you replace it with a personal item. Pretty cool concept, right? I thought so and apparently my 9 year old son thought it was the next best thing since toilet paper.

So here we go. Out the door, with his tablet in hand to find this geocache. It was actually only about 2000 feet from our house. As we head out the door, my other son, 13 years old, decided to tag along. Down the drive and to the main road. No path along the way, just a narrow passage directly along the highway. This was actually kind of scary. Its a winding back road with crazy amounts of crazy drivers rushing home from work or after picking their kids up from after school activities. My heart was actually pounding in fear and I couldn’t get their fast enough. I spent the entire time yelling at the boys to stay as far off the road as they could and to move faster. I was a mess!

We finally make it to the area where this capsule is located and the coordinates were dead on. It was hidden on a side of a bank in an indent in the ground, under a tree. There it was. A Tupperware container with an airtight lid. We open it up and find a few things. An earring. 2 packs of stickers, a set of dice and a metal trout pendant with a tag that says that it has been from one coast to the other and to keep him moving. He was placed in a bag with a paper that had all of his locations written on it. After a short deliberation, we decided to take the fish and move him right along. We replaced it with a keychain and an action figure of some Japanese t.v. series (my son’s idea).

Wow. This wasn’t so bad. Kind of exciting to be honest. The hunt is what got me excited and then finding the container, exactly where it said it would be, confirmed my excitement!

We headed home and I begin to do some research on this fun little activity. I headed to Google for all of the answers. Turns out, this is a world wide event that takes place on every single continent! How cool is that? There are even some people that have went into retirement only to travel the world in search of these capsules! Can you imagine? Oh, I certainly can. I read another story that told of someone going around and filling these capsules with large amounts of money for the next person to find. One man found a whopping $600 cash in one that was hanging high from a tree. It actually took him more then a day to hike back out and back in to the location with a ladder to retrieve it.

Moral of the story, I learned something new and found something I really enjoy doing by taking the advice of my 9 year old. If you have never heard of it or are interested in learning more, there is actually an app with all of the locations, in the app store! It’s super helpful and stores all of the locations around the world, as well as provides the GPS coordinates to get there. You can keep track of the ones you have found and bookmark the ones you want to find. You will be absolutely amazed at how many are actually surrounding you at this very moment.

I highly reccomend you try it. Its exhilerating and fun and can be done as a family! Give it a try! You won’t regret it. But please be safe. Our first adventure wasn’t that great before of walking on the highway, and did I mention it was getting dark. Not safe. We won’t do that again.


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