Creating an Income With Pinterest (No Blog Required)

I have scoured the internet in search of ways to make an income from home. If it's on the web saying you can make money doing it, trust me when I tell you, I have tried it. Most resulting in an epic failure. I came across a blog post stating that you could make an … Continue reading Creating an Income With Pinterest (No Blog Required)


Pinterest Glitch?

Something strange has been going on with Pinterest since the latest update. Pinterest is pulling and saving images from my blog that don't belong to me. For instance, if I have a post linking back to someone's blog, they are taking that and linking it back to my blog. Weird. I thought I was being … Continue reading Pinterest Glitch?

The sun begins to fade as I sit, afraid of my own thoughts. "Will I ever see him again? What have I done?"  When they approached me, I knew without a doubt what the subject of this intense interrogation was going to be. I had replayed this very instance over and over again in my … Continue reading